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HID's new alternator?

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so i have a 89 crx with b16a1 and got hids a little while ago and work fine but i just got hids for my brights and when i started it up and was switching from low to high my rpms were going down due to power loss so do i need new fuses or just a alternator with more amp outage and if so where can ibuy one? thanks
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ive seen a few high ouput alternators on ebay. mostly 160 amps. thats quite a bit though
HIDs use significantly less power than halogen bulbs... There should be less current draw with the new lights. I would look for a problem with the installation. Maybe one of the ballast power wires is shorting to ground.

The stock alternator outputs something like 50-60 amps... 160 would be serious overkill. '92-95 Civics use a slightly more powerful alternator (an extra 10 amps or so), I would look into that. The newer alts use a belt that's 1 rib wider than the CRX belt, so you would need to swap over either the crank pulley from the Civic, or your old alternator pulley onto the new alt. Otherwise it should be a bolt in, plug 'n play swap.
i agree with bobski, it could be that the initial warm up of the hid bulb is causing the slight dip in revs, check the installation.
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