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Honda Wheel Caps

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K I got some new wheels awhile back and now I want to swap the Acura wheel caps that are on them now with some Honda ones. So I was wondering if you guys know where I should look to get them.

Also I have since replaced the lug nuts from when that picture was taken...
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College Hills Honda ( has new center caps for a 1999 Civic Si for $16.52 each or you can try this page on Ebay ... category0=

College Hills also has some center caps listed there too.

Hope this helps.

Make sure to check the prices on Majestic and College Hills after you look at Ebay. I bought some new '99 Si center caps on Ebay thinking they'd be cheaper there. Nope. I could've gotten them for less from Majestic....
Try one's for a Honda Ridgeline too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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