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IR baboon may be not smart as weasel.....doooohhhh

So this afternoon I pack my bags for belgium. Rock festival. Aweseome, sweet and all that.
So I pack my ****, and drive to my folks. I'm taking my brother and the R.V. tomorrow.

drawing stuff because I want to show off my new skills...check!
Ticket...check check double check.

hmm...let's not take the drawing stuff. Will just get beat up.

So on my way I go. I have plenty of time, and the traffic has cleared up.
I'm feeling pretty damned good about myself, my planning and I have everything I need.


So I'm a little bit late, and we go and have a couple of drinks with my bro and some friends. I'm driving, so I'm stuck with cokes. (thank god turns out)

So 00:10 or something I'm brushing my teeth, getting ready for tomorrow, when I ticket. Where's my ticket? Where'd my ticket go?!

It's in between my drawing stuff.

Here's the kicker. My brother lives 200 miles away. So I just got home, at 3:30 after driving 400 miles for jack fucking ****! And now I still have to drive all the way back, because we're leaving early tomorrow. Remember the gas price topic? ouch.

It takes someone incredibly smart to do something monumentally stupid.

That's me, on the right.

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I had a moment just like that the other night.

My friend decided to set me up with this girl he knows. Seems we both have quite a bit in common considering we both have degrees in Political Science and have pretty much the same outlook on life.

Because we both like to play cards I figure meeting at a casino would be fun. So we decided to meet up at the local Harrah's. I walk in the door with my wallet out looking for my Harrah's Card, for once I remember it. But I forgot my DL, I just remembered it was still in the bank envelope from when I made a deposit and got some cash a couple of days earlier. The only problem is that I drove my brother's 300zx to the casino and he drove my car to his GF's, nearly two hours away.

So I look like a complete idiot, I hate making a bad first impression. But luckily my brother was willing to meet me half way so it did give us some great conversation time in the car.

My great luck doesn't end there. After getting just a little intoxicated I didn't want to drive anywhere, and I figured why should we, Harrah's has their own hotel. After checking out and saying our goodbyes it was time to head home after our 15 hour first date. Problem was I couldn't find where I parked my brother's car. We both thought I parked on the sixth floor. But I spent and hour looking on the sixth, fifth, and seventh with no luck. I start to panic and wonder if I even locked his doors when we got back to the casino. I started to really freak out because he just got this car like a month ago or so.

I called hotel security and luckily they found the car, that was a great relief. So now I am finally ready to head home. But the car wouldn't start, like an idiot I left the lights on. So I had to call the hotel security back again for a jumper box. Finally I get the car started and I am finally on my way home, only to find the car is out of gas. All the driving the night before ran it dry. Luckily I was able to baby it to a local gas station and finally make my way home.

Now that was an exhausting date.

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Yes, I did manage to make it to the show. I'm sore, hung over like I can't even remember last time I felt this awful.
I didn't get hammered... but bad food, lotsa bad beer and on your feet for 2 days in the ----c-c-c-c-cccccold- aparently takes it's toll.

I'll throw up a couple of nice pics after the weekend.

oh...and I even managed to make a profit!
I bought some clothing in boise that I knew was hard to get back home. And someone paid me a hundred bucks for a shirt and a sweater I got on sale.
So I literally sold it off my back.
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