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(Pronounced DLAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH +Loud +Obnoxious. Motivation = babbling, mouth-breathing idiot)



You will need...

For Physical Installation

DLAA Foglights (Clear or Yellow... Same Dimensions)

Dremel with Sander, Grinder Cone, Grinder Barrel attachments.

Drill with 1-5/8" hole saw, 5/16" Drill Bit, 1/4" Drill Bit.

2 DECENT 1/4 " Width Zip Ties. The kind you'd get at an electrical supply.. NOT BARGAIN BUCKET AUTO OR PAINT STORE OR WALMART !

1) Unpack Your DLAA's.
(Should look something like this...if you were as excited as I was after like 4 weeks...)

2) Remove both Mounting Brackets and enlarge CENTER/TOP HOLE of each to 5/16" with drill. Do not Bend/Warp Bracket. Use a vise and be careful not to bend it.

3) (Dremel) After enlarging center hole, use Grinding Cone to remove shavings and flange inner diameter of 5/16 hole in each bracket.

4) (Dremel) Use Grinding Barrel to truly round inside the holes.

5) (Dremel) Use Sanding attachment to smooth upper and lower surfaces of bracket NEAR HOLES (No need to sand the whole thing).

~~~Your Brackets are now prepared.

Now hopefully you've got a half decent eye because if this next step is done correctly, you will not need to measure, as this is very easy.

You can either attach the bracket before or after this step. Personally, I did it after because I wanted a slightly more snug fit, as my mounting idea is rather clever / simple.

6) With the bracket off, I eyed up (one at a time) leaving equal distance on all sides to that the light itself is mounted on CENTER. You may want it somewhere else, for some other reason.. But center is where I believe it looks best. Hold it there and double check that's where you want it. After you decide it's correct, (there should be about half inch TOP clearance from glass to Bumper) you can do what i did which was lick the rubber back of the foglight and make a nice saliva stamp and press it back where you just. Yes yes I know there's a better way but I'm very personal with my rex, plus I like to save time...soooo jerk me.

7) Anyway, Pull it off and you'll see a nice circle that's ABOUT 1-5/8" in diameter. carefully use your hole saw to drill out the circle PRECISELY. Don't try to ream it out, go slow.

8 ) The fog light rubber back will ALMOST fit inside. Henceforth, use your Dremel sander to slightly gape the cutout about 1 millimeter diam. You can just go a few laps around the circle and test to see if you can "snap" the foglight it. It IS snug when it snaps in... You want this. Also, it WILL snap in and hold itself inside the vent straight, Although it will look as if it's high. It's actually angled up, but this will be corrected in later steps. Have faith.

9) Once we're snug, use your 5/16" bit to notch the top of the hole, then use the 1/4" bit to drill a hole (CENTER to the latter) above and about 3/16" from top corner edge.

STUDY the above image as the placement of the holes are key to my mounting system.
The holes MUST be 180 Degrees inline otherwise the light will NOT face straight ahead. BUT if you ham it up, you can ream the upper hole to the left or right till there IS an above center line to lower hole. Measure twice so you wont have to do that.
Obviously, repeat all this both brackets and both sides :)

10 ) The fun step, just in time. Use two of the provided machine screws, LOCKWASHERS (USE THEM!!!!) and a 10mm socket (NOT A PHILLIPS, take shortcuts and your Rex will HATE you; as will I) to fasten the brackets to the TOP lights. Do not tighten them down - leave them loose.

Hold the light upright with the glass in your palm.
The bracket has an adjustable height, so let it fall flat onto the back of the light.
Use your Dremel Wrench as a SPACER between the bracket and the light.

Use your thumb to hold down the bracket as you tighten both sides EQUALLY and SLOWLY, do not go all Lennie from "Of Mice And Men" on the bracket as you WILL torque it! (Then you'll have to hide it in a pile of hay and run away forever)

Keep going back and forth till it's solid and not moving. Remove your thumb from holding the little wrench or whatever you used as a spacer down. It should just slide right out (if the bracket wasn't torqued).

You will now have about 2-3mm clearance between bracket and housing.

11) The next step is hard to explain as it involves the ziptie positioning, but I've got several pictures here to help us along.

Fish The Ziptie in from the top/back (Locking end will be behind fender and ridges will be facing out towards you)
Bend and fish Ziptie through bracket towards bumper.

Gather Ziptie end and wiring and feed through the larger hold and then push foglight back into place. It will "snap" into the bumper and all wiring will be concealed.

You'll end up with something like this^. Now that's it snug in there, work behind the bumper...
Pull the Ziptie (Male End) all the way through.

12) Try to tighten the in the back in a fashion that allows the female end to remain in the position that you see in my pictures once tightened.

Observe how I did both sides.

13 ) Snip off the extra after you've cranked the Ziptie down and double checked fitment / flushness of bracket to top of bumper vent.

(Insert Finished Picture Here) (Unfortunately, my phone died and It's now too dark out to take one)

14) Be happy. I'll be posting my Electrical Installation as soon as I get my dummy harness together.

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here it is for everyone.. as long as the link works..
thanks again SFtreat..great write up ... 107wt_1306
also can you HID these? i don't have my headlihts with hids but would like to some day cuz they suck.. and would also want to do the fogs..

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Sure I'll try and take some today. I lost all of the rest o the install pictures.... Which is WHY I NEVER GOT TO FINISH THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!! So I apologize for that. Maybe I'll get anotehr chance to installt hese onto someone else's car. In that case I'll go ahead and take more pictures @
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