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Nothing is wrong with RTV...just you know how some guys on here are all "HONDA STUFF ONLY!"
lol...was just waiting for the big "If you don't put hondabond on very very...uh, VERY bad will happen..because ONLY HONDA PARTS WORK. AFTERMARKET = FAIL."

I've seen the can RTV stuff (5 mintue or something) do some miracles.
Has a freaking S-10 with a 550hp 355c.i. SBC leaking like a mofo from the front of the intake,
shut it off, sprayed with brakekleen, scuffed with emery cloth, put that crap on there...waited the 5 minutes..started it up..not a drop.
Didn't work on MY intake in my SBC s10 of course..but nothing ever works for me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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