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how to make something like this

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what would be needed to make a light conversion on a 1991 rex

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dont know how youd make them
but i have those lights for sale in teh for sale forum. I had them imported from europe.

[email protected]
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Afterburner taillights. That's what it's called.
It's commercially available. Just like altezza ones.
commercially available yes. available stateside not soo much.

it was not the easiest thing in the world to just pick up a set.

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what do they run for?
CRXXX said:
what do they run for?
send a pm to Matt and find out what he is asking for his. .as you can see they are kinda hard to get here in the Us. . . and he has a set. . . . .so there ya go man. . . . just need to figure out if the price is worth how bad you want them


ps. . . .welcome to the community. . .
He was around for while last year, then left for a while. Welcome back!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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