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my friend and i would be interested in putting together a meet. we haven't been to one, but would like to. and we've briefly talked about going to one. i say briefly, because he mentions it and i hate driving for hours at a time so the conversation doens't go far. so one day i said, why not have our own. but then we concluded that we'd have no idea how to get that set up. so, i figured i'd ask the CRXperts on the community and see what kind of info i get. thanx in advance for the help.

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Post up a place, a time, and a date, and there will come

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It really would be a good idea to go to any sort of meet whether it be Honda or not and see how it was organised. I've been to a Northwest Nissan meet that had no leadership or direction. It was unsure by most to whether we were at a meet or just a bunch of people with similar cars parked together.

BTW, my CRX meet, the 9th Annual one, starts in 10 hours from the time of this message.

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A CRX meet needs a few things, I know because I've hosted a few:

1. A place to meet up and park a bunch of cars. Key here is being able to park close together. If you meet in a public park, have some way of blocking off a number of spots. If you do it at your home, park on your lawn and place a board or some tinfoil under the catalytic converters so you don't kill the grass in those spots. It is very important that wherever you have this there is SHADE. No one is so committed to the CRX that they want to fry their huevos in the sun!

2. Have something to eat and drink. Grilling is a popular pastime at these things. If you only provide a grill, charcoal (or gas), and a table, you can count on others to bring the rest. If you provide food (it's nice to do so people can travel without worrying about provisions), be aware that people are really generous about donating money for food and drink. One year I had a set charge for food and drink, and barely covered my costs - the next year I let people donate if they wanted and more than covered all the costs of putting on the event.

3. Have a small event. This is not so necessary, I don't think, as events at meets just seem to happen anyway. One year it was a spontaneous seat swapping clinic, another year it was a D swap comparison. I've seen a valve adjustment clinic go over very well - everyone had to bring the parts needed for it.

4. Plan a cruise. This is a critical piece to any CRX meet. All it is is a long string of CRX (and other cars along for the ride) going on a set route that you or someone who knows the way leads. Twisty roads are fun, as are any scenic areas. You know your location best, were does it feel nice to wander around in a car? Cruises are not road races - unless you plan to let some of the faster ones go off on their own out front of the main cruising pack. It's really cool being a part of a long string of the same type of car, it draws attention like a parade. Try and stay off interstates if you can, dorks never seem to notice they are cutting into a line of cars like ours.

5. Plan a date, and announce it EVERYWHERE. Make a post on every CRX website you know of, clearly illustrating who to contact and where and when. Check back on any forum posts to answer questions or bump your own thread with new info. Put up flyers in speed shops, auto repair places, oil change shops, and car dealers in your area. Have a few printed flyers to stick under windshields of CRX's you spot without drivers.

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Here is the one I planned for a different site.

I am an avid member of and I am also the planner of their big meet every year. Here is the skinny. Any questions, please PM me. Thank you.

MN/WI 2006 meet

When: September 22-24 (Friday thru Sunday)
Where: Lake Wissota State Park, Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
Who: Put on by ALL ARE WELCOME
What: Car enthusiast meet. Camping, fun run, pizza buffet, and more!!
Why: Cause it's a kick a$$ time!!!! That's why!

Here is the rough draft of my plans to date:

Arrive Friday through out the day. Projected any where from 10 to 30 cars this year. We had over 10 last year, so I know there will be at least double. Friday set up camp, and get introductions aside. Have a nice bon-fire friday night with some marshmallows, some drinky, and some of the BEST hot dogs you'll ever have.
Saturday, wake up, do breakfast (still planning) and head out for the fun run. Try to catch the pizza buffet in Eau Claire (was a hit last year) and perhaps try to hit Action City in Eau CLaire. (action city is still pending). Then return to the campsight for some bench racing and $hit talking.
Sunday, just kinda chill at the site and talk about the events and kind of plan next year (loosely).

What you will need to bring:
-Money for campsite and t-shirt. Also for lunch, breakfast, dinner. And if we go to action city you will need money. I'm only planning, not providing or paying for anyone.

Exact prices will be posted as soon as I get things in order and get an exact plan. At this point in time I can only promise it'll be less than $50.

The more people, the cheaper everything will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The campground is reserveed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 22 and 23.

It's the same site as last year with the pavilion. It's the group site, so the more people, the cheaper it is for everybody. It will accomodate up to 80 people. So, here's the skinny......

Getting There
Lake Wissota State Park is located approximately 7 miles northeast Chippewa Falls.

From Hwy 53 North, take exit 99 (Hwy S). Travel east on county Hwy S for about 5.5 miles. Cross the bridge over Lake Wissota and turn right on county Hwy O. Drive east 2 miles on Hwy O; the park entrance is on the right.

From Hwy 29 West, exit on Hwy 53 North. Take exit 99 (Hwy S). Travel east on county Hwy S for about 5.5 miles. Cross the bridge over Lake Wissota and turn right on county Hwy O. Drive east 2 miles on Hwy O; the park entrance is on the right.

From Hwy 29 East, exit on county Hwy X. Follow X west until Hwy K. Drive north (right) on county Hwy K, then west (left) on county Hwy O to park entrance on the left.

Lake Wissota SP

For more information about the park, please call (715) 382-4574

On top of the site fee, you will need a vehicle sticker to get into and out of the park. Here are the costs for 2006 =
Sticker fees

Annual $25

Half price* $12.50

Daily $7

One-hour $3

Annual $35

Half Price* $17.50

Daily $10

Hourly $3

* Half-price annual stickers are available for additional vehicles registered to the same household address.

In otherwords, here is a rough over view of expenses:
for Wisconsin-ites = state park pass $7 per day. Campsite will be determined by how many people show up. The total for the campsight was $170. So, if there are 17 people, that's only $10 a piece. Pizza Buffet was just under $5 a piece for all you can eat. Shirts are under $10 a piece. Again, the more we order, the cheaper.

Shirts are available in any color, any size. It's just a shirt recognizing the event. They are under $10, but the more we order the cheaper they will be for everyone.

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Well hear is one way. I have had a CRX for about 7 years now and I decided this year that I have been cruzing around by myself for way to long so I

1. Flagged down any CRX's I saw in the area and telling them about the club I was starting.
2. Left notes on other CRX's informing them about the Club and if there interested call my cell.
3. I attend any and every event I could find that would have a CRX like N12 (a CRX meet held in Niagara Falls Ontario once every year)

Just get the info out there and u will find them. And don't get discouraged it takes a bit of time.
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