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How To: Refurbish Your Sunroof Switch.

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Sunroof sticking? Not Closing right? This tutorial, although completely/utterly easy, may help you.

This was written using a 91 Crx Sunroof switch.

This was the only tool [small hex key] I used, but feel free to use whatever.

1) Insert whatever tool you want and take the metal pin out.

2)Take of the button and make sure you have 3 plastic pushers with 3 springs behind them.

3)Take the 2 pressure plates out and clean them off as best as you can. (look how dirty contacts can get)

4)Look for the contact points inside the switch itself. There are 4 of them. Also look for the contact points on the back of the pressure plates as well. Now take your tool and scrape off any extra crap that is left on that couldnt get wiped off. Dont push TOO hard, just a scrape GENTLY enough to get the gunk off. You should be able to see a nice silver.

Pressure plates from dirty to clean. ... 0284hd.jpg

4 Contact points on switch cleaned up.

5) Start to re-assemble by lining up the pressure plates with the slits on the plates themselves and reinsert them into the switch with the metal guide pieces provided in the switch.

6) Make sure all your plastic pieces and springs are in the right place (2 Larger pieces on each side then smaller one in the middle)

7)Place metal pin back in and test it and make sure it feels right with the switch clicking once each time you push it either way.

And youre done!

Let me know if it helped!

[off topic - this is for submission for the how to section. I wrote this in 05 on honda tech. Since all of the pictures were taken by me and the tutorial was written by me i dont need to give anyone credit other than myself :) the pictures may not be spectacular because of the camera at the time, but it isnt too important once someone follows the tut its very easy to tell what parts I talk about and procedures I mention]
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I took my switch off, Cleaned it,and wired it back up and now it doesn't even try to close or open. Before I cleaned it, it would try to close and open but it couldnt go all the way. What do i do now?
what did you clean it with? the sunroof rails need to be oiled from time to time, that would probably have fixed it before.
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