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How's your fuel economy?

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Just wondering how much distance you get from the gas you put in your car. List any aftermarket/performance additions you have, what kind of driving you do and anything else you think might be a factor in the consumption equation.

i usually run 90 octane from Husky (2% alcohol added and claims to lower emisions) and im kinda heavy on the gas pedal. if im not in a hurry, i rev up to 3k before shifting, if im in a hurry i go to 6k.

i USUALLY get around 450 to 500 km a tank, and i fill up right when the needle touches the red E line.

Under the hood I have a Flowmaster cat-back exhaust, NGK iridium spark plugs and thicker plug wires, a K&N air filter and a DC Sports 4-2-1 header.
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91 Si w/ b16 and y1 tranny. 2.5 in exhaust w/ turbo muffler. Heavy ww kit too.

In town ( where 97% of my driving is done ) i get 27-30mpg

On highway I get 32-34mpg ( on way to Niagara that was at an average of 80 mph)
89 Si with B16 and Y1 tranny. K&N filter, stock exhaust, HF front bumper and rear hatch, no sunroof. I drive it pretty hard and get 27-30 mpg in normal driving, higher of course with extended highway driving. I once tried driving "economically" by shifting at or below 3000 rpm for an entire tank of gas, and actually got worse mileage, only 25mpg. So now I just have fun and shift at anywhere from 5000-7500 rpm.

Laura usually gets 35-40 mpg in her 88 Si, completely stock. I have no idea how she manages it, since I've only gotten a best of 37mpg in my 92 CX and I drive that like it's meant to be driven, slow and boring.
30mpg highway with the 450cc and the JRSC. In town thats a different story cant keep my foot out of it. 21mpg.
89 hf z6 swap boosted 8-12 psi. the only time i drive my crx is when i want to go fast. so it seams i only get about 20 mpg

but my 94 coupe with a y8 swap is getting 35 city and 43 highway
88 Si with stock everything always got me 33-34mpg. A trip to the beach got 38mpg while going 75mph.

A recent trip to Oregon and back (1200 miles roundtrip) at 80-85mph average got 32, 34, 33, and 35mpg over the trip. For that trip I had installed a homemade intake in the stock location.
You guys are gonna hate me for this, but I'm getting about 14 kilometers per litre. Metric! :lol:
1991 CRX HF B16 Y1 I get about 35 miles to the gallon but I drive it hard and it sucks on the freeway everyone is going at least 70 mph and that is like 5000 rpm in 5th gear for 30 minutes one way.
MiniNSX said:
5000 rpm in 5th gear for 30 minutes one way.
pretty much the same for me, but i did it for 10 hours on the way to N11 :lol:
black_krix_si said:
MiniNSX said:
5000 rpm in 5th gear for 30 minutes one way.
pretty much the same for me, but i did it for 10 hours on the way to N11 :lol:
I think that a b16 can hadle those kind of rmp with our overheating.
yeah it did fine.

I did have an overheating issue going up hills. It turned out that my radiator was seated properly so when i went up a hill the fan was pulling away from the radiator :lol: I fixed it somewhere in New York at a rest stop. Good thing half the bolts on the car are 10mm, I always have one in the glove box.
I get 40-45 mpg in the '85 Si, ? in the HF (speedo is broken, among other things). I brought the Si's mileage up from 35 when I bought it by doing a few tricks.

1. 35 tire psi all around
2. HF 5th gear
3. Removed pass. side mirror
4. Gutted interior (carpet, panels, sound deadening, etc)
5. Tune-up w/ timing
6. Intake, cat-back exhaust, need a header/new cat...
7. A/C belt removal (soon to be entire A/C, with sunroof not far behind)
8. Easy on the pedal...

That's the majority of efficiency mods, probably more if I think hard enough. Mak
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