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well my son is over due so there scheduled a csection on monday,

i am so excited, how many other people here have kids?
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Don't have any, I am one! Make sure you get one of these so he can ride in style:

Congrats. What are you going to name him?
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Congratulations. I hope everything goes smoothly. Keep us posted.
Same here, no kids for me. I'm waiting on my sister to have some kids so I can spoil them rotten, when she does I'll definitely have a baby recaro in the CRX!
congrats man! know what this means...You now have a new money pit for the rest of your life...

No kids for me either....ever. Called my insurace company the other day about getting the Vas-Clip.
joshman said: know what this means...You now have a new money pit for the rest of your life...

No kids for me either....ever. Called my insurace company the other day about getting the Vas-Clip.
eeeeeeeeeeek, graphic lol.

Congrats!!!!!!! Whats the name of the baby boi?
Congrats! Hope everything goes well with the surgery.

Will this be the first Community kid?
Congrats! We're expecting our second one in June. Found out yesterday we're having another girl! One of these girls is gonna like cars, if there's anything I can say about it.

...and welcome to the beginning of the end of your life.

Well, the end of your life as you know it anyhow. But, the beginning of one you'll never trade for the old in a million years. Love is none greater than that which one will feel for a son or daughter.

I have a 2 year old son named Joshua who lives out of state with his mom. I see him once about every 3 weeks and every single time, it's like the first time I ever saw him. Proud, scared, overjoyed all at the same time. A wonderful feeling it is though. You'll soon know what I mean.

Oh, welcome to the baby daddy club. Here is your name tag. Please deposit your checkbook and credit cards in the box here at the door before entering. And get that CRX off your mind, thank you. :wink:

Congrats Shadow!!

I have a couple of kids, my daughter is 5 and my son just turned a year old yesterday!

Being a dad is the greatest experience you'll ever have. It is so much fun to teach them, and show them the world.

But as was stated above... leave your wallet at the door... and put all your projects on the waaaay back burner!

Its all worth it though.. I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world!

Congrats again!

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Congrats! No kids here, but I love youngins!
Congradulations. Iv'e got 4 of my own and 1 grandson. 3 girls 20, 17 & 8 and son 18. Grandson (from the 20yr old daughter)will be 1 year old next month. All of them still at home. :shock:
His name is Caleb (Caleb Anthony Scott Harrington) didn't realize this till later but his initials are C.A.S.H.

that recaro seat is def on my nmind, and a back seat for the rex oh ya, this kid is going to eat sleep breath Hondas, i am going to have him elbow deep in grease by the time he is 10

As far as the projects go ya they will be slowed, not that they are moving that fast anyway, but i am only 20 so i have a long time do do ****

the first purcase that i myself am making is one of those crxcommunity 1seys those are pimps
Congrats man. I've got 2 daughters my self. 9yr old "Kitty" and a 21mo. old "Azlan".
When Kitty was little she used to refer to my crx as "Kitty's car"
I deffinitly plan on having them both into Hondas.
They are amazing.
Congrats man. One thing about kids, no matter how mad they might make you, 2 seconds later they will do somthing so funny that you cant stay mad at them. :lol:
MarkWilliamson said:
Be a good dad.
I see way too many kids who don't have one of those.
don't have to worry bout that one, hes got a rex owner for a father come on now what could go rong?
well guys it happend
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :cry: :cry:

at 8:05 this mourning he arrived

9 lbs
18 1/2 inches he is a big baby,

i will let the pics do the talking

This is me and baby caleb

mommy wasn't looking her best lol

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CONGRATS!!! Welcome to daddy-ism! :lol: 8)
That is a fine looking boy ya got there!

Congrats man!!

seeing all those pics.. cutting the cord and all... man that brings back so many memories for me!

It was really a neat experience huh!

awesome man!

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