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Ragnaarok said:
ludesrv said:
Notice your sig says 1500's not a 1500. It's just CRX Si. It would be a 1600 if it did have it too.
He's going off what the dmv records say. My '90 Si carfax says "Civic 1500 CRX Si" as well on the documents. It's weird, but true. And on my insurance the car is a "civic 1500" again, weird.

but in the real world it's an Si and runs great, so I don't care what a piece of paper says. :)
Really? Mine says Civic CCVC or something like that lol. My insurance has it registered as 'Civic 3dr Base'. Wonder why they kept the 1500...from the old 1500S maybe?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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