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I envy people with garages

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It was 22 degeres today and im trying to drop my gas tank. BRRRRRRR
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I love my garage, it is a nice 75 degrees in it today, while outside it is around 15 degrees.
You're a brave man.
Damn garage owning bastards, keeping warm and clean and what not. I have the road infront of my house. Or a parking lot somewhere. Oh how I love gravel and people who speed on residential streets.
Heh..So do I. :p
Try dropping a gas tank from one crx when its 13° one day and trying to put it in another crx when its about 7-8° the next. While its snowing... :evil:

Gasoline is VERY COLD! And so are rachets and wrenches...mechanix gloves are a god send.
Yeah i was in my coverall's and mechanics gloves laying in the grass, what a great time!
Did ya have fun with the gooseneck tubes? I just took the whole thing out and dropped it with the gas
Dang! I know how that is. I once had to fish an alternator out in teen-degree weather on winter. The car sat out in the cold for about a week when I went on vacation. I came back to a seized alternator. Thankfully, I am one of the garage-owning bastards now. :D
I've always wanted a garage of my own.
30 year in the car passion.....never have my own garage....but does'n stop me to build and own thousen of them! :lol:
It my parents garage but my car still sits in it. I is nice. But i have to get heat in it.
I rent an unheated garage.. It stays warm late in the summer/full, but the cold sticks around in there until late spring :(
I have a garage but I know where you're coming from. My parents wouldn't let me work on my cars in their driveway. Their reason? They didn't want the house to look a junkyard or me spilling oil all over their driveway. So I am quite familiar with laying in the backyard, underneath the car dropping bolts, nuts, etc. in that dirt. In college I had the "luxury" of an asphalt parking lot at my apartment. Then after I graduated, I got married and we bought a house. Guess what? Gravel driveway, almost worse than dirt. Drop a nut, bolt, screw, etc. in gravel and it's gone. Finally my wife and I bought our current house. Two car garage. Clean, slick concrete, space for a large rolling toolbox, air compressor, dream working conditions. Hang in there your day will come.....
I can easily fit 4 rexs in my concrete floored, heated garage... so nice.

Too bad I dont have a lick of mechanical ability yet. lol.

I was just saying to a few friends how I feel bad they have to work out in the ass deep snow, and I got this heated garage but they got all the mechanical aptitude. hehe.
I have a small garage. Not big enough to do a motor swap but I can handle everything else ok. I atleast have a covered carport now, Im going to ghetto it up this week and put some tarps up since I need to take the h22 out of my wrecked one. Hopefully keep the wind off of me anyway.
MarkWilliamson said:
I have a garage.

Unfortunately, it houses my squat rack, treadmill, dip station, weight rack, bench machine, heavy bag, golf clubs, bicycles and camping equipment while my CRX sits out in the snow.
BLASPHEMY! CRX deserves that space, and your home deserves those things. If you have a girlfriend, move her into a smaller corner and VIOLA! CRX is happy, exercise equipment is happy, and um, you're probably sleeping on the couch. Oh well, not everyone can be happy!
I envy people with a garage as well.... I have a car port which is nice.... keeps snow off you, but the cold is still there..
^^ Car ports became illegal in our area after a few of them collapsed. I have a driveway...on a slope...that's on a hill. You ain't jacking up a car. My brother rented this awesome shop, heated floors, big tool box, thousands of parts and extra parts, unfortunately he co-rented it with the key nazi and I am never allowed to go there. Instead I have to drive 80kms to where my tools are currently at. In a gas heated barn turned garage. Concrete floors, air, hydro, running water. A chill room, with a fridge a couch and a poker game set. You could store over 20 cars in it with ease. I have my prelude chilling there, very fun. The only thing is I don't pay rent so I don't have a key. And the guy who has the key is a total doorknob sometimes. I have a feeling I'll have to change my thermostat outside in -25C weather, f-ing gay.
if my crx was running i could drive it to work, we have a pretty nice garage here, but thats if it was running :rolleyes1:
My car has been sitting in a rented unheated garage for about a month now and I haven't been able to touch it because it hasn't gone over -30 in almost a month...
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