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i have a problem

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Getting into first gear is no problem but if I'm really getting on the gas once i'm in second i feel no acceleration until i either

1. let off the gas a bit
2. wait about 4 seconds and then it starts to accelerate.

does anyone know what could be causing this and how I could fix it?
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how old is the fuel filter?

the car might have enough pumped into the rail and the line after the filter to pull you through first and then when you hit 2nd and lay on it it starts to starve for fuel..... letting up on the gas would cure this.... and the 4 seconds that you describe would allow the partialy clogged filter to refill the rail agian....

Could be a number of things. . . .this was just the first thought that came to mind....
i just bought the car about a week ago and your explanation about the fuel filter sounds right. I was planning on ordering a new one at the same time i order my new muffler. thanks .
i thought of something after i responded to your post, would i be able to clean out the fuel filter in any way before I get the new one? Just trying to think of a quick fix until i can get it replaced.
no the filter is a sealed unit. .. they are cheap and your local auto parts store will have them.... .. . .buy some pb blaster and spray up the bolts that hold the fuel lines on and let them soak for a few days.. .. ..good luck, ,

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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