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I need to vent a little, this is really getting me mad...

I've mentioned before that there's a group of punkass street kids on my block, mixed up with a couple of early 20s-looking dropout deadbeats that Mark would probably love to toss in the back of his car. Anyway... yeah I'm a little angry...

So in the past cars have been vandalised, mine somehow so far excluded, pot has been smoked on my back step (not by me), and my door/wall of my building has been tagged. Friday night my sister and my roommate/brother-in-law-to-be/friend were watching a movie, and one of them threw a bottle at the window. It bounced off the screen and knocked the fan out inside, and there was broken glass all over the step. I was out, for some reason they didn't call the police. Last night same thing, but with a rock, and I was home. I called the cops, but they really can't do anything. It's not like the kids are hanging around after they throw the rock, nevermind when they see a Troy PD car roll up the street.

Now that it's nice out, they're on the street all day, most of them when they get out of school at 2 or 3 and the rest when they wake up around noon. They harrass people walking down the street, and they harrass cars that drive by. I NEVER see a cop around here unless someone calls them, usually for a domestic dispute about once every week or two.

I don't really know what to do. I feel like we can't really do anything about it but keep calling the police, and they are kind of powerless to do anything. It's really really getting on my nerves, I can't wait to get back to NH.

thanks for the vent
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