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crxgator said:
crxfisher said:
You lucky bastard!


Now go get some riding gear!
oh i pretty much have everything...alpinestar TZ1 jacket, HJC helmet, alipinestar looking into Sidi boots soon...

ive been riding for 3 weeks now and i just passed my MSF course on sunday... :D
Sweet man! I'm buying my gear now. Getting the jacket this weekend, already have a helmet, gloves and boots. I'm getting the Joe Rocket red/black CBR leather jacket. Then I can start bike shopping. :D

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Wow, everyone is getting bikes.... here i just sold my 03 ZX6R 2 weeks ago..... . oh well..... be careful on it...... and try not to get hurt too bad when you go down.... ( and you will go down) it is just when, how many times and how hard.....

nice ride though

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