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I need some help, axle replacement disaster

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I was attempting to replace the passenger axle in my '89 CRX Si. I printed some instructions off the net. It looked easy enough. I've replaced my inner and outer tie rods before so I thought I could do it. Well I got the axle nut off. Then tried popping the balljoint. I hit it on the side with a hammer to loosen it. Then I used one of those U shaped balljoint loaner tools from Autozone. The balljoint didn't come loose, the tool slipped off the knuckle and destroyed the threads on the ball joint. The balljoint is still seemingly "welded" in, the threads gone, and the end is crushed. What do I do now?
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You need to raise the hub a little to ease tension on the joint. Use a jack to raise the suspension a few inches, hit it , then raise it another inch and hit it again. Always on the side of the joint.
Done it may many times.
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