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I need some info

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I have a auto/91 dx and Im lookin to buy a wrecked 89 Si. and need some info on a complete engine and tranny swap. I know that I have to rewire for MPFI but is the wiring the same as for a mini me ( i would think so).

If there is anyone that has done this before please post some advice.

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jfrolang said:
You're looking to convert to manual and swap the Si drivetrain into your dx?

If so, you can consult the Auto to Manual How To in the How To forum, and you will need to swap to MPFI also. The wiring for MPFI is less complex than for a mini-me, as you won't have to bother with VTEC or switching to OBD-1.

Here's a write-up for the MPFI swap, but I'm wondering why we haven't had one submitted for the How To section yet...
Thanks for your help. But what sucks is I think the deal has fell through :pout:
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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