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I know how it is, someone sold me a CRX part that was NOT a CRX part, it was off of a Civic, however, they had knowingly made the title misleading to sell it. Anyway, after numerous emails the knuckle head wouldn't work with me on it. As soon as I left him negative feedback I received a retalitory one in return. Which sucks and of course you can not get any help at all from eBay for anything, ever.

I see the bonehead that screwed you has received a negative someone else he overcharged for shipping and failing to package an item properly.

The ones that amaze me are like these power sellers who have 2 or 3 hundred negatives in a month, how in the hell does eBay allow them to continue?

Sorry, I'm late posting but I've had trouble staying logged in to the site...hopefully it'll work this time. :)
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