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i think someone shot my dog?

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my dog came in the house from the yard all freaked out and barking...he became scared and has been kind of hiding out all this happened before, but i couldnt find any trace of anything that was wrong with him...last time he couldnt walk on his back legs for a couple of hours...

does this look like a bb hole to anyone here? could it be something else maybe?

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Dude that is messed up, would someone actually do that? Maybe you can get an X ray or something and find out.
mate, that ****e is wrong hey. poor dog. might pay to get him checked out
If that's a BB hole you would expect more discoloring due to bruising around the point of impact.

I don't know how tough a dog's skin is. Probably tougher than mine. But when I got hit with a BB gun it looked messed up for a week.
Back in the day we used to shoot each other with bb guns, but I never had a wound that looked like that. It would just turn red or bruise, unless it broke the skin. It would be about that size but the skin would be gone. Does that happen to be a female dog? I see you looking on the stomach that could just be the teet. I can't tell if thats a schlang or not.
downest said:
Dude that is messed up, would someone actually do that? Maybe you can get an X ray or something and find out.
Unfortunatly that kind of stuff does happen.

I would at least get it looked at to see what it is, especially if it is not something you noticed before.
Could it have been something like a barbed wire fence or metal object that was sticking out somewhere and she ran into it?
A pellet gun (rifle) could deffinitely pierce the skin. I had an old school single pump shot that was super powerful and accurate. With a scope, I could hit a bottle (and put a hole through 1 side) from 70 yards. Seti could be correct about the discoloration though. When it heals a bit, maybe you could feel around by pinching the skin for a pellet/bb.
Poor dog...
I had the Rasputin of dogs... Bridgette was her name (an English Setter), and you just couldn't kill her.

She once slipped in a hole and had a stick go up inside the skin around her ribcage... nice infection from that.

Her back legs were paralized once, after she slid on gravel running up to a car she was chasing and going under the back wheel. Lots of crying and yelping, even bit me in panic. A quick shout brought her back to her senses, and she was running around just fine after about 5 more minutes.

I don't know what happened to your dog, but a trip to the vet is probably in order.
Mabey it took a ride on the neighborhood poodle!

My guess is that a BB would have bounced off and one of the hardcore pellet guns would have messed it up way worse.. i'd rock a quite trip to the vet though, just to see whats up.
That kind of looks like a nipple..
{Males do have them too} :?

Some POS shot my rottweiler in his nut sack
once with a pellet gun.. Had to have it removed..

After I emptied my Glock over his bedroom window,
He moved out for some strange reason... :twisted:
i had a "friend" shoot me once point blank with a bb gun.. i have a scar that was similar to that.. but it has kind of "faded" away... that might be an old would actually... if it was fresh.. then there would be bruising, and discoloration.


There are some sick people out there. When I was little, someone slashed my older sister's cat's eye out with a razor blade. The vet had seen a few cases of it in the weeks preceeding our cat's misfortune.

Also, when I was 15, someone shot my cat 14 times with a BB gun. Because some of them pierced the flesh and lodged in her insides, the vet was only able to extract 8 of the 14. The other 6 were too tricky to remove.

People who are cruel to animals should receive the same kind of treatment back ten-fold.
88DXCRX said:
That kind of looks like a nipple..
{Males do have them too} :?
Robyn agrees... she's a vet assistant.
I knew we could keep this an intelligent discussion... :p

If it is a nipple,There should be one on the other side in
about the same place...
it is not a nipple...his nipples are near his stomach...
crxgator said:
it is not a nipple...his nipples are near his stomach...
C'mon gator....

Show me some nipps!
hey i took the 6 train from Grand Central last night and i thought of you... :p
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