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Long have been warned.

The 89 Si had been parked at my friends place, The Econo Lodge, and the lot needed to be inpected. So it had to get moved. I threw on the top of some 4-2-1 headers (the 4-2 part) on the a6, jumped it, and started it. LOUD AS HELL!, But I just drove it about 300ft to the parking lot across the road in front of an emtpy building until I could get it home this weekend.

Well, Friday, the 13th it got towed! :evil: Apparently the owner of the building decided it didnt need to be there. We've parked our cars there alot before and never had an issue. Musta been the lack of a fender,tags, and well busted front end. So I can see why. No biggie it just got towed while me and my friend went and had tires put on his g/fs civic. We get back and the 89si is gone....? We immedately head out to the garage that is pretty much bluefield,WV's impound lot. The PO here doesnt have one of thier own, and the garage stores all the cars that are impounded in their junkyard. Well we get there and dont see it. I was pretty worried and PO'ed at this point....The car means ALOT to me being my first CRX and the crap me and it have been through together. I lived in the car for a few days b4 when times were bad, Ive spent LONG nights in it with my laptop when I was into wardriving.

Anyway I went inside and asked if they had towed a black honda CRX with no tags and a messed up front end. Well they dont have a "ticket" for one, or anything. One guy seeing me kinda worried let me use his cell phone to call the police...they had no record of any black honda getting called in.

Okay, WTF? Well as Im describing the car a bit more one guy goes" Hey is black with a red messed up front end...?"
Me:"Yeah...(I just said that directly to you 5mins ago!)"
Guy: "Theres one in the back of the lot, just showed up"
"Oh, much to get it back?"
"I belive its $115 for the tow and $15 for the storage since it was brought in last night"
"Huh?!" "It was JUST towed in here....and you have NO ticket for it."
At this point my friend comes in and confirms the black SI is sitting way out back...
I was pretty much like,F it, well Ill be right back to get it, just gota get some parts.
As the car sat, in the yard, it had a flat tire, no battery, nothing but the top half of headers, no passenger fender,no air intake, bottem half of an HF seat in the drivers side....and no tags.
Oh what fun!
We went and got all the parts, minus a fender. I swiped a tag from the HF.
Well we get back and Im getting a pretty bad feeling, one of those when you know your gonna screw up something. Hmmm...wonder if they assholes will make me a deal and tow it back. This garage after all is contracted with the police department...Im sure they would just LOVE to call the cops on a car being driven with no tags...and well open exhuast and a bunch of other things. (BTW It does have insurance on it LOL)...

Well after arguing that it HADNT been towed in the day before,(they still hadnt found a "ticket" on it) they, and I...there for we made a deal, I pay $150 for EVERYTHING. Including a tow back to the econo lodge.
Coo,l it got done and I got my 89 SI back, only it was parked in truck parking, hopefully no one will back into it by sunday. (hence why it wasnt parked there in the first place)

Now, today is sunday and what did I do...
I threw on the rest of the headers (and thats it), battery, another tire, some gas, and $5.00 trip permit from the DMV.
Hehe...This is how it ended up...
No pass fender, one headlight, no corner lights, 2 Si rims on the front, 1 AR rim on the back on one side and a black 14in steelie on the other. 1 wiper blade, one working brake light, bottem half of an HF seat still in teh driver side. Pile of seat parts and a flat tire in the passenger side.
Plus a jack and 4-way. The headers themselevs are from a 99 d16y8, OEM 4-2-1 with an o2 bung at the very end, so I didnt even hook up an o2. Bad therostat (stuck open), no air intake, no front bumper or support (just like HF) and well I think thats it. It does still have insurance till Weds LOL!

I drove the poor thing back to my dads place which is about 20miles....

I HAD A FREAKING BLAST! You have no idea how loud open headers in a tunnel thats about 1 1/2 miles long is! Hurt my ears and my friends who were in thier car behind me.
And sucker just wanted to GO!
Basicly me and one of friends who has a full d16y8 swap in his 99 DX w/ I/H/E gave the 89 si one last run before it was permanently parked. We didnt get finish, weather is to bad, raining to much. Better play it smart....I did give the tires on the SI swirles a nice melting though....

I had SO MUCH FUN its not even funny, I got to take the thing down the Wilderness road I posted in the "Fun roads" thread....I wanna do it again LOL!

I forgot just how much fun the old busted 89Si matter what kind of shape its in you cannot kill it, and its just, I donno the car just wants you to play with it. I mean seriously, not just me being a dumbass and driving it like I did today but its always been like that since day one. Just one of those cars I guess....wont die and will always be fun to drive.

Im seriously contemplating tubing the front end entirely and making it a drag only car... :twisted: I can dream cant I?

Anyway thats been my fun for this weekend....if it was legal I would do it again. :p

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Ok now I DEFINITELY have to go terrorize the neighborhood after I get the header that's sitting in my shop on my crx ... before I put the rest of the exhaust back on :twisted:

Only fair to the neighbor whose kids spend the whole summer riding their loud dirt bikes around (including on the streets ... the sheriff never gets here in time to catch them :( )
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