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I was just sniped on an Ebay CRX auction!!

910 Views 2 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  JadeR least if not, the guy had fast fingers!! I bid with about 30 seconds left, this guy outbid me with FIVE seconds left on the auction clock. Oh well, I was probably overpaying anyway. :roll:

It was a Red '91 Si bone stock with 150k, no rust, cosmetic flaws on door panels and rear cargo cover wasn't the original one. My search will continue...

Here's the link of the auction:
Click here
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That's a clean CRX. Good luck in your search man.
I bid (and didnt buy after seeing it in person) on a CRX a while ago... 100k, white Si for 3700. It was def overpriced, but Im glad I didnt get it. Better deals always come along, dont dispair!!

(Btw, dont hate, but Im a sniper too.. lol 15 secs or less till the end of the auctions)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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