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Idle stumbles, then stalls....

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About once a month, my car will idle roughly when I start it and then it will stall. Feeding the car gas will do very little to stop it from stalling. It will do this for about 3 times then it will take off like nothing ever happened. And only does it when the car is warmed up. Does not throw a check engine light when it does this. But I do manage to get a check engine light about once a month. Gives me 8,9,15, and recently a 20. Any thoughts?
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It sounds like your distributor is going.
The distributor was replaced a couple months ago. A used one though. Tje main relay was re soldered this past summer.
I'd try another distributor... thats how mine acted when it was going bad. Also, the codes correspond.

Another possibility could be the ignition switch, being loose/dirty, but I would go with the distributor being the problem.
Is there any specific part of the distributor that could be the culprit? New distributor isn't in the budget just yet.
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