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If anyone sees pics of my CRX up on ebay, please contact me.

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I'm getting a little tired of seeing pics of my CRX on t-shirts, mousepads, and now fridge magnets. I have finally acquired a VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) account with ebay, so I can end auctions which are infringing upon my intellectual property. I always contact sellers on ebay first and give them the opportunity to come clean. However, if they don't, I'll end their auction and ebay will decide whether or not to suspend their accounts. Fun fun fun! LOL
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Stickershop, your car is my screensaver. Does that mean I have to pay you royalties? :wink:
I have never seen your car on ebay..... that would get a little old. people try to make money off of whatever they can these days. .weather it is theres or not.... i was just watching on tv the other night about all of the fake lance armstrong cancer research bracelets that they have for sale on Ebay as well as like every quick mart in the country.... its a shame really... Ill keep my eyes peeled for ya.. .

Ti Rider said:
Stickershop, your car is my screensaver. Does that mean I have to pay you royalties? :wink:
LOL. No no no. I have absolutely no problems with people having pictures of my car as their screen saver. The images were originally posted for the enjoyment of CRX Enthusiasts. However, I never gave permission for the images to be used for commercial purposes.
yeah I had your pic in my slide show screensaver but I got it a couple years ago when the another owner had it.
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