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If you had 10000 dollars to put into your rex, what would you do with it? It could be anything. I'm posting this because i'm sick of asking dumb questons about my car and also cuz i want to see what other aproches people are taking with there cars.
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Man, you can do a lot to a CRX with 10 grand. Ok, first thing I would do is get the rust taken care of and get it repainted the OEM black (oh, I love it, looks red from the side...). Next would be the interior, really just the driver's seat being a little soft, get it restuffed with brand new foam and get a new carpet. With it more or less back to stock, I would hire a team of professional scientists from Honda with labcoats and/or clipboards to track down and eliminate the water leak in the hatch. This alone may cost over 10,000.
well, with 10 g's, I'd first BUY a CRX. (working on that now) Then I'd probably just enjoy it for awhile. Then I'd go and rip the engine out of my friend's RSX Type-S when he's not looking :twisted: and throw it in the rex. Ha ha ha, riiight.
- Complete big brake upgrade kit with Wilwood components from
- 16" Rota Subzero wheels, gunmetal with polished lip
- Nice springs/shocks combo, dropping about an inch and a half
- Suspension upper and lower tie bars front/back
- Better swaybars

Then once the suspension and brakes were all done, I'd throw the rest of the money at a good turbo setup with a D16Z6 swap, and lots of dyno tuning.

If I had money leftover, I would buy a carbon fiber hood and have it painted to match my stock paint. I guess that's it.
CRX SiR Glasstop in Torino Red Pearl or CB VT

Koni Yellows/GC
rebuild suspension/brakes
small stereo
mugen m7 rims

call it the day...
Tom, why buy Rotas if you have 10 grand, get the real thing!
Hmmmm.... K20R... no matter what the condition of the car originally.. hehe
b18c1 trans harness everything -4500
r34 kit-500
fresh polar paint-1000
invidia exhaust- about 450
some mugen mr5s-500
some recaro seats-1000
enuff tires to use with the gsr motor-2g

seeing the look on my old miata face when i find it and beat it in a drag race-PRICELESS
Buy all new plastic parts (bumpers, moldings, etc) and repaint with stock color. Replace my carpet. K20A2 perhaps. Spend the rest on hookers and booze.
With $10k, what WOULDN'T I do with my Rexes? I'd start by having every little speck of rust gone. Might have to find some rust first. ;) Then every door ding gets fixed, every little dent and flaw on the bodies of both the burgundy one and the yellow one. Then full repaints in original color for both of them (Torino Red Pearl for the DX, Barbados Yellow for the Si). After that, factory-fresh carpets, seats, and floormats, and new Si door panels for the DX. New factory bushings all around for both, and then we'll start talking about mods. Nothing flashy; no B-, H-, or K-series for me. Just a few mods for the good ol' SOHC D-series. OK, *maybe* a mildly-tweaked ZC for Ruby (the burgundy DX). That's about it. Oh, and a limited-slip diff for Ruby, to go with her hybrid transmission.

If I still haven't burned through the $10k yet, armrests for both. And OEM CD decks. New tires. New brake rotors. Enough?

What can I say? I'm queer for the stock stuff!

downest said:
Tom, why buy Rotas if you have 10 grand, get the real thing!
LOL. I guess even with 10k to burn, I'd still want it to go as far as possible. I'd rather spend the money on all 4 wheels for the price I'd pay for just one of the real thing.
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