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Ignition Switch

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Hey guys I have a little problem with my heat and stereo not working. At first I just assumed it was a simple electrical problem that could easily be fixed, well after further inspection my heat and radio will not turn on without holding the key forward in the ignition switch. Can anyone help me out here?
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Your ignition switch needs to be replaced. Some people have had luck repairing theirs, but I actually made mine worse when I tried. You don't need the entire key and lock mechanism. If you take your the plastic covers off behind the steering wheel, you can get to the actual switch. It looks like a white cylinder with some wires coming off of it on one side, and the other side is attached to the key mechanism.

Here is a pic of the complete part you need:

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thanks fisher you pwn. How exactly does the cover come off.
I'll try to explain it. There are two pieces, (top and bottom). I believe there are two phillips head screws on the bottom side. Remove those, and if I remember right, they will just pop off from each other. They are a bit of a pain, but just work with them a little and they will come off. Just stick your head under the steering wheel, examine it a bit and you'll figure it out.
thanks again. I'll check it out and let you know how things are coming along.
IIRC, there's 3 screws on the bottom cover and a big metal C-clip holding the two halves together under the lip of the steering wheel. It may make things easier to work with if you pull the steering wheel... Just pry out the Honda emblem, remove the 19mm nut down behind it and wiggle the wheel untill it pulls free. Be sure to make a note or snap a pic of how the wheel is positioned so you're sure to put it back on streight.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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