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90crxhf_w/ZC said:
i dont know man! its knocking around 4 and i didnt do anything but miss a shift.

there is oil in it. but not totaly full. but when i rebuilt the motor i didnt clean any of the oil passages do you think one of them could be cloged and i spun a bearing??????? none of them main gurtle, block head nothing i just put the new parts and the motor together.
i dont mean to bash. . . But if you went through all of the work to pul the engine and time and money to rebuild it. . .why did you kinda half azz it? thats allot of work to not do it right and just have problems come back to haunt you. . i would imagine that you probably hurt something in the engine that thicker iol is not foing to ' fix" i wold suggest. pulling the valve cover and checking all of your valve clearances, check your 2 cam gears against the crank and make sure the timing belt did not jump a tooth. and then run a compression cranking test to see if you smacked a valve or mashed a piston. . . if nothing turns up here you are looking at a bottom end i would say. . . . then again . . . .its really hard to diagnose problems over the internet without actually being there to hear the noise. ..

good luck. . .

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