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Hi every body
before starting i want to said i'm not really good in english... i'm french speaker
i'm new here on CRX community!
exept i already have my t shirt :p i win it two year ago at niagara

someone saw my CRX at niagara

some pics
my last setup
H22A turbo

my new setup this year (yes i sell the h22)
B21 Vtec
it's a B18 with Stroker kit
with a SIR head
cam RM stage 4
ITR jdm tranny 4.78 final drive
JE 12.5:1 piston
and more and more....

i hope too see you maybe this year at Niagara

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Beautiful car dude!!!!

stickershop said:
Looks nice! I always loved the Wings West kit in Red! :)
What red is that exactly? Doesn't look like the OEM Rio Red.

black_krix_si said:
nice looking! im working on a h22 swap now too. if i could only figure out how to wire the external coil up I could go lay some rubber in the parking lot by my house 8)
You still haven't gotten that thing hooked up yet?

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black_krix_si :
if you want the engine mount and axle i still have it... if you want them for 375$ + shipping it's yours!!!

it's a mix of 2 red
Liberty Red Rally (from civic 2003) + Venom Viper red

yes i am from quebec province!!
i'm a frends off Don_the_CDN

Yes me too i hop too see you this year at niagara Exept i want to go with my CRX this year!!!, are you still Zc turbo ???
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