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im screwed

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ok im changing the ignition rotor (the thing behind the distibuter cap) and i dropped the set screw and by luck it landed in some kind of plastic catch pan or a water gaurd dont know which. how can i remove this thing to recover my screw? if it helps i have a 1990 dx.
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if you can see it you could probably get it with a magnetic wand. didn't the new one come with a new set screw.
crawl up under the car. There are some plastic screws that hold all that crap in. I would just take them off and leave them off, they are always a PITA. They are just splash guards but you will not have any problems by not using them.
ok ill try and remove it i wasnt sure if it was bolted on r not thx

umm uwouldnt know what size they are?
A good magnet wand is your friend. I cant begin to count how many times i've droped a screw somewhere and had to use that thing.
ok guys i got the screw out via a steak knife and some pulling. but now i have a new prob i got a dead battery ut ill just jump it w/ another car.

btw does anyone want pieces of a splash gaurd?
thanks yall were a big help
IF you would of bought an OEM one it comes with a new screw...even my crappy aftermarket one did.

As for your problem, change the battery if it's dead.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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