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Injector clips, I got them off...more questions.....

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The other day I was trying to pull the SI harness from the 90si parts car and I couldnt figur out how to get the injector clips loose. My brain isnt all there so if its really simple theres a good chance I missed it. Or are they just stuborn?

heh, the motor and trans is all thats left on the car, Ive stripped the rest of the sucker!

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they are stubborn

You want to pry on the curved section of them and push it away from the plug. They then slide off
Small screw driver pry out ward just dont let them fly off.
I had to have someone show me the first time too. :oops:

There's a metal clip that goes almost all the way around the plug, keeping it in place. You have to pry the clip up on both sides to get the plug off the injector. The easiest way to do this is to use a small flathead screwdriver. Maneuver one side of the clip above its normal resting location, and then push the other side away while pulling up on the plug.

Sorry if this isn't clear, I wish I had a video or some pics to show you.
Ah, I belive I understand, Ill let you guys know if I get them off Weds...

Thanks....3 replys in less 10mins...I love this place!

New question are OBD1 injector clips the same way? And will OBD0 clips fit obd1 injectors?
the clips will, but the plugs wont
Oops...I was thinking "plugs-clips" same thing....

Then. do I have a slight delima, because I have mini-me motor with obd1 injectors, and I only have obd0 and obd2 injector plugs/clips...
i might have some obd-1 plugs in my box of junk. ill check on it tonight.
Cool, please let me know....I will definitly take them off your hands.
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