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Injuring your self while working on a car.

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The pain is back, and that is how I came up with this topic.

About a year ago I purchased a 1996 Integra for am Insurance auction.
I't had do CD player, hood, mirrors and wheels. So I took the day off work to pick it up.
About 3 hour later I got it home, and my friend who was the Towtruck driver had some other bussiness to take care of. So as soon as whe got to my house we had to work really fast.
The rear wheels were on in about 4 minuter and we are working on jacking up the front. He was working with a brand new car jack and I took the my bros crappy one that I have never used before. While i was jacking up my side something went wrong and the jack just collapsed while i had my right middle finger stuck inside the jack (the lever that mover up and down.
Man I went in to shock in a split second, while my friend unaware of it is telling me to hurry up. I'm just standing there paralized. Then he comes around and I look him in the eyes and just start screaming like a school girl. He starts panicing and all the neighboors are out trying to figure out what is going on. Finaly my little brother runs out and jackes the car up I pull out my finger and it is about as flat as a dime.
Over time the pain went away and a new nail grew up today that horrible pain is back it that fingure makes me want to scream.
Anyways just wanted to share, as long as I'm busy I forget about the pain so that is why this post is so long. I'm sorry if I wasted your time :wink:
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You didn't go to the doctor? Crap man that hurts just reading about it! :shock: OUCH!!!
Nope no doctor I iced it right away and the finger was really soft like so like a gummy bear so I had to squeeze it back to ots original shape, after a week it whent num and I couldnt feel a thing with that finger for atleast three months.
Man you really should see a doc.
Seeing that you definatly broke bones,You should have got that puppy set and fixed.....owww
reminds me of my crushed finger story...ewwwwww :puke:
i feel your pain, man... a similar thing happened to my finger, but luckily, it was only an engine block (2.2L 4 Cyl.) that was on the jack, and it was only for a split second. freaking hurt so bad.

a flat finger tho, damn. definitely see a doc about that, especially if it has started hurting again.
dude see a doc seriously. if the bone doesnt heal properly it can lead to amputation. A guy I work with, his wife broke her ankle and it wouldnt heal up, they ended up taking about 5 inches above the ankle off.

I broke my toe back in Febuary and somtimes its ok, sometimes it still hurts. They told me that it will probably hurt some for the rest of my life due to arthritis. When I stub it it feels like I broke all over again.
well I figured out why it hurts so much. My nails are growing and I looked at that finger really closely and it looks like the nail on that finger is growing in to the skin but when it gets longer it grow normaly.
So all I have to do to avoid the pain is trim it down properly. I dont know if there were any broken bones is that finger becuase I was able to move it even right after that 2800 load on it.
I got a piece of rust in my eye one time. Drove my crazy. I couldn't get it out. Had to go to the hospital to get it removed.

I know how you feel. In September of 2001, I broke both my wrists and my jaw in a 30 foot fall. Wrists will never be the same. Also effects my fingers when its cold or damp.
scramblerman said:
I know how you feel. In September of 2001, I broke both my wrists and my jaw in a 30 foot fall. Wrists will never be the same. Also effects my fingers when its cold or damp.
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