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Installing coil springs/ drop springs

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I have 4 eibach springs laying around that i might put on tonight since my car looks like a 4x4 with the new wheels.. . DO i need a strut/ spring compressor to install these... I used to change struts all the time at the old garage and we had a strut compresser I remember doing it once and using one but do i need to... i would like to swap them out quickly so i can have it back on the road tonight. . .

any suggestions. . . I know i need an allignment after they are on heck i am prob. due for one anyways. .

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Using a spring compressor is the safe way to do it. If you have the OEM springs on the car right now, you could always just undo the center nut on the top of the shocks (wear eye protection, cuz the top nut may go flying). The extra weight of the car on the spring will keep it from popping quite as violently as it would if it were off the car. Then remove them from the car and install the new springs. You shouldn't need a spring compressor for the lowering springs because they are shorter than the OEM ones. However, if you need to reinstall the OEM springs, you will need a spring compressor. If you haven't had a chance, check out my "How to" I just posted on replacing the rear shocks and springs.
Thanks Dude, I am going to start on it now. . .

there going to rub alot with my big honkin 17's on there so they go up for sale... . .end of story. .
Let us know how it goes. :)
Naah, I think i am going to keep it stock height... i just started to undo the bolts last night and my friend stopped by and noticed the offset on my wheels.. and we decited that life was going to be rough if i dropped it.... I am going to leave it alone. .

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