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my friend and i installed an intake on my crx(1990 HF/ZC) i just got it back from my mechanic, who resealed the engine, replaced the bushings, a whole bunch of crap... anyway, he "forgot" to put the intake on. so we did it. after installing the ceck engine light came on. it hadn't previously. we had plugged the ignition wires incorrectly and assumed that was the reason for the error. so i took off the hazard fuse to reset the ecu. it still comes on, so i checked the ecu. it gave me 13 blips. i checked and that's supposedly the BARO sensor. i looked up where that is, and i found that it's on the passenger side kick panel. i noticed under there that there is a blue plug just dangling, but we did not mess with that. any ideas?
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