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Internet Time

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How much time do you spend searching for crx and other car related information per day or per week?

I avg a minimum of three hours every day feeding my addiction. just for the car stuff..add another hour or two for work or misc stuff.
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I don't even want to begin to think about how much time i spend on the internet... lol
I work for Dell computers.... so about 10 hours a day for work... 4 hours for cars? lol pretty bad....

Jeff :shock:
Pretty much the only time I'm NOT on the internet is when I'm sleeping and driving to work. I'm trying to solve the driving to work problem. I want my car to be online too. What a dork!
Im probably online around 8-10 hours a day M-F, and anywhere from 0-12 hours a day on the weekends... usually if Im not working on cars Im "researching" or talking about them on the internet. I try to fit some sleep in there, too. Ha, I have actually fell asleep at home in my computer chair several times, waiting for an ISO to download, or an OS to install, etc, at like 4AM. :p
for the last month or so I have only been on on the weekends, because my home computer took a dump on me...

But on the weekends im usually on about 12 hours over the weekend.

come January 28th I will have a new hard drive.. and I will be hooked up to 3meg high speed cable internet!! wooo hooo.. no more dial up!!!


I only wish i could seriously surf from work....but it's heavily filtered and monitored, so I have to be cautious. Especially since a lot of car sites tend to be Not Work Safe.
I dont spend much time online anymore. My car doesnt need much for parts anymore really. I've replaced most of what needs it other than suspension.

My day consists of get up at 7am. get my kid up, feed and get to school by 8am. Drive down the road to work by 8am as well. I get a 1 hour lunch so by time I get here I can spend about 30 min online. I get home at 5"30-6pm and spend about another hour or so online and thats it. I watch some t.v. and play FFXI online for a while, Im hooked on that game. I guess if you count that as being online than im on for a good 4-6 hours a day
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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