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Is this OEM?

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It came on my first Rex a 91 DX. It looks like it has to be stock. But I dont know.

Sorry it goes on the front bumper and its a tag holder.
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Ive never seen one, and I also thought it was a battery tray at first lol. :lol:

But the bottom bracket looks like the OEM one.....
Yup. License plate holder. I have those on my cars. I have a brand new one in a box at home...I'll check it later and see if it looks the same.
Yeah I dont really like the way way it looks on the car. I want to sell it but I wanted to see if it was stock first or not.
Yes, this is OEM. It's the same type I have.
hmm 2 of the 4 crx Ive owned have had part of that. I always wondered why honda put 2 metal bars sticking out for the license plate. The plate gets crooked sometimes...apparently im missing the big piece :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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