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Is your CRX on google earth ? Mine IS !

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you will recognize the shape of the CRX (tinted back window + small roof)
parked in front of my moms'house (oposite side of the street)
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That's fricken cool! :D However, I wouldn't want this stuff in the wrong hands! :shock:
I can't figure out how to enter the coordinates...
I got it. Enter the coordinates as 45.284884,-73.295017. But it is still in the middle of a farm field.
My CRX shows up on there. This is sooo cool :) Unfortunately, I don't feel like posting the coordinates to my house on the internet! :shock:
I've done some searching of every house and work I have been at in the last while. I may have been out but it looks like my brother's old 200SX is in the driveway at our current place. Other places in town are not up-to-date. The roundabouts in White Rock are not there off Hwy 99 and the one-year-old building next to my work is not there. Even the year or so of prep is not there. I estimate that some photos are three years old.
I dont live there anymore tho :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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