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Issues about "Not Work Safe" posts

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I am posting this topic here because there have been some concerns about how we should handle "Not Work Safe" posts (or if we should allow them?).

Other forums that I have visited allow posts about questionable material if the poster places "NWS" at the beginning of the topic title. And many other forums do not allow questionable material to be posted.

We need to define what "questionable material" is...and we need to decide how to handle it.

Please offer your suggestions. We're all ears.
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I think that the crx community should not allow it. A lot of forums that i have been to have allowed adult material for quite some time. Yet within due time the moderators and people who ran the servers said they don't want that kind of material on their board. For A) attracts too much unwanted attention B) They want it to be a place where most people can come without seeing crap like you do everywhere else on the internet. Doing so it made a better forum that i visit regularly now. Maybe a little less because im in china but that has nothing to do with the forum being a better place to visit.

I dont think it would be a good addition to this forum at all. If i didnt care about this forum I wouldnt be posting, and so that should show some of the jerks on this forum that im going to here for a while. I like most of the people on this forum a lot, and hold some of them in high respect.

I just don't think it would be a good idea, in any way-shape-or form of porn. Including a NWS tag is an alternative for letting it happen, but I still dont think it should be allowed.
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Well, I actually don't see a problem with it, as long as it is labeled. If you don't want to see it, don't open the thread. It is that easy. And I don't think that it takes away from the forum. But I guess it is what the moral majority wants, and in the end what Fisher and Stickershop decide. This is just my $.02.

Dang, this hit like a ton of bricks. I'm not the morality police. I want to hear everybody's feedback on this because I'm interested. But here's the deal. Any "NWS" material will not be tolerated here and will be deleted. This forum is meant to stand out from the crowd. Just like I set the standard of language to be the "prime-time TV" test, so it will be with questionable material.

Look, if you have a serious problem with us not allowing porn on this site....honestly, you have a serious problem!!! If you are so passionate about it, why don't you go fight the TV networks to allow it? Then when you win that fight, come back and talk to me.

Bottom line is this: You can easily find what you're looking for all over the net. If I wanted to run a porn site, I would have. But I don't, so I'm not. So search elsewhere. You won't find it here.
I completly agree with that and I am very glad thats how it is.

Not one person took my posts seriously. I was asked if I was gay, told not to get my panties in a bunch, and it was hinted that im a "fundamental religionist". Thats not the crx community I know.

Thank you Crxfisher for stating this and taking control of the situation.

I also would like to hear peoples feedback on this because some people, in that thread that got deleted, thought nothing was wrong with it at all. I want to know what they have to argue now...
Now I just want to clarify. I don't need to have "porn" on a car site. I was just saying that if people would be allowed to post suck things, that I wouldn't complain. If I didn't want to look at it, then I wouldn't. I definately wouldn't look down on the leadership here(and leave the site for good) if these types of items were posted.

Now since CRXFisher has layed out the law, now everyone knows what to post and what not to post. We can now all leave this behind us and get back to what this site was created for: the CRX enthusiast!

I comepletly agree with you. I also avoid those things. If I see nws, i dont look. Its simple. Yet I care since it was layed out in the rules (very subtle to some people) that such things shouldn't be posted. In that thread I asked what will be done about it, and then it blew up to a huge flame war of whos moral and who isnt. I dont know why everyone got so worked up because I asked some simple questions.

Yet im glad this happend. Im glad the crx community will not allow this sort of thing. Im glad it happend this way. Im sorry if ive offended some people, but it happens. You have my apologies.
I dont care either way, but the verdict is NO. If I want porn I know where to go :wink: .

Wasuri asked how it was to be handled and got flamed for it. Not everyone cares for porn, even straight people. I dont mind it but I dont mind it not being around either.
I dont look at them anyway but then again i go to CRX sites to find info on........... now I know this might seem odd, info on CRXes.
daveb91 said:
I dont look at them anyway but then again i go to CRX sites to find info on........... now I know this might seem odd, info on CRXes.
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