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Its no CRX, but get ready for the 2007 CTR :)

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Civic Type R Concept promises driving thrills
The iconic and hugely popular Honda Civic Type R owed its success to an unbeatable combination of high performance and affordability that instantly captured the hearts and minds of driving enthusiasts. At the 76th Geneva Motor Show Honda will be presenting the world debut of the Civic Type R Concept, which forms the basis of its successor.

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The body design looks faithful to the 2006 Euro Civic 5-door, and I do know that Honda is going to build a 3-door variant, but I'll still wait for the official Honda images to form an opinion. I can also trust the 2.2L claim, since I've been seeing the same thing on TOV. However, I would expect Honda to pull more hp out of it than just the 197 we have in our Si.

As for a 'Type RR', I'll believe it when I see it. Although, it might make sense if Europe/Japan don't already have a Type R/Si equivalent.

But I digress... we likely won't get this CTR (CTRR?) either. :(
they way that pic looks, it looks rwd. big ol' butt on that that thing from the way it looks :lol:

Slope the back of the roof down and its starting to look like a new crx though :wink:
def a thumbs up in my corner, i would drive it w/o a doubt, but ya i would like to see more horse in her, looks amazing :drool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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