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Junk Yard whatever

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so i was in chatsworth illinois today picking up some money from the bank and i look over and the rink a dink junk yard they have, and i see a sweet lookin dc teg with bronze wheels, so i stop and look at it, the guy says its a dude from arizonas, it had a bent lower control arm, so we called the guy and asked him how much he wanted, well its a gsr so he wants 7gs for it, to rich for my blood, the guy says that he has 2 more cars owned by this guy in the back.....

we go back there and in front of me sits another gsr.. minus motor sitting on donuts, and a t-boned 95 civic ex, soooooo what did i come home with for 30 bucks you ask? a sweet steering wheel from the civic and the whole z6 head and intake mani, **insert happy dance**

i will be getting the integra shell from him in about a month for 300 buckos, a 95 teg, omg i love small towns :p :p :p
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WOW thats gay this junkyard around here tried to make me pay 50 dollars for a broken turbo. it wouldnt even spin. And it looked like some1 hit it with a chainsaw, the housing was all grinded up. :(
i got 3 ls blocks for 350 at a shop with a big yard full of crap.
i've purchased ls motors at my local junkyard for 75 dollars.
I picked up an crx si seat the other day, mint shape for 4 bucks, it was the passenger side, but i still didnt think it was too bad. Too bad some of you guys werent from iowa, about an hour away from where i live, there is a honda junkyard. All it has is 88-91 civics and crxs, and a few 92-96 civics, all kinds of good **** there.
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