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Junkyard Finds/Stuff to look for

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I love junkyards, the pick and pull your own stuff kind. I feel if you are a car enthusiast, then you automatically are a junkyard enthusiast. I got this idea from another post. I wanted to know what parts people keep an eye out for and buy from a junkyard when you go. What are the "holy grails" of finds at junkyards. What is on your list of stuff to keep an eye out for everytime you go. Here is some of the stuff I always look for:

- ECUs - chippable, p06, p28, pr4, any vtec ecu
- any b-series vtec engines/parts
- rare crx accessories - sunroof spoiler, armrest, fogs, etc.
- 4th gen civic accessories - generally same as crx
- 1st gen turbo DSM parts
- oem CRX parts that are rare in good shape - fenders, bumper, seats, etc.

What does everything else like to find at junkyards?

- short-A
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I like to find stuff i break all the time like Valve cover studs.
Ahh yes I just love finding P28's at my local P&P..that and Z6 motors.
...and the occasional B18C1. :twisted:
I WISH I could find a B18C1

Engines at my local junkyard are $100 a pop, no matter what it is.

If I found a B18C it would be in my rex before you could say "WTF?"
stuff i look for - b series motors (any) vtec ecu's, other rare items..

things i've gotten from junkyards

b16a1 out of a 99 civic si
numerous ls motors
jdm h22 out of a wrecked eg hatch
vr4 out of a mitsubishi galant

its awesome, where i live its all hicks who get all the 4x4 stuff so all the imports are untouched.
I may find my local junkyard and head down tomorrow.
HackAbuse said:
Engines at my local junkyard are $100 a pop, no matter what it is.
Gary's U pullit?

I always grab OBD1 wiring for ECUs and VTEC solenoid/pressure switch. Shock tower bolts are good too because they fit on so many bolts in the CRX, nice to have a few on hand! Of course the 4th gen Civic and CRX parts, and the DSM injectors and turbos. I'm always looking out for cool shift knobs that fit too, usually I find something that I like, with the 4-speed pattern and heavy, but it never ends up fitting the CRX. The yard near me in NY has 5 full Z6 swaps just chillin out, they know me as the Honda guy who goes in all the time to grab stuff... when I started going they would pull the parts or go with me, now they just let me walk in and get what I want, even though everyone else has to wait at the office while they grab the parts. Treat them well and they will hook you up, don't pocket small stuff and screw them over, chances are you're getting a deal and a half already. I get good deals on some stuff, I got my HX wheels for 100 bucks, my Momo wheel for 10 bucks, and I get sensors and wiring for free a lot. I pay a bit for things like power accessories and ECUs, but I don't mind because I get deals on all the other stuff.
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I go to vinces upullit in Marcy

ECUs and Wiring Harnesses are not registered on their catalog, so i dont know how much they'd charge.
I once found a usdm delsol b16 block, and a pr3 head with type-r cams and real jdm RED valve cover, also a ys1 lsd tranny all in one shot, I took the head and tranny but left the block, It was in a CR-X they had just put on the lot (local pick n pull) I walked out spending $150 and turned the stuff around selling the head for $550 and tranny for $600... $1000 profit for me.. I should have grabbed the bottom block also but I'm an idiot..

I have also found several rare parts for my 1g there too..

But lately they have been raising the prices astronomically , and been greedy about the "half price days" They usually have them every holiday but they are scarce now..
I looks for any and all CRX's. They are considered the holy grail around these parts. Around here...imports, mainly old imports, are the first to be turned into cubes.
youknow, i keep looking for the damn plastic piece that covers up the bolts on the rear view mirror. i've found 4 so far, and they've all broken off when i've tryed to remove them :(
I usually hit 3 places, but you have to hit them early or else the stuff is already stripped.

I look for:
-Any 88-00 Civic armrest
-ANY Crx/4G Civic hatch parts, no matter how small or tedious
-Any decent 90-00 manual clusters w/tach
-Any Civic/Integra/Sol/Crx seats in goo shape.
-ECU's, PM6 or P28's
-Any oddball or obscure things i may see. Once i found an old school Acura EQ in a 1st gen Integra.
The only crx I have found at a junkyard was one that the insurance had not been settled on. I asked the one worker if i could take parts off it, not knowing that the insurance wasn't settled, and he just says " what do you need parts for." I was thinking what kind of question is that after I just asked if I could take parts off a crx. Maybe he thought I was going to put them on the voyager I was driving at the time. LOL.
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