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Junkyard trip today... scored (pics of the momo)

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I took a junkyard trip today, found some nice stuff. I was looking for some parts for shadowcrx, and also to find a non-AC piece for my car's climate control. I ended up looking through a Del Slo they just got in a few weeks ago. Picked up a Momo wheel out of it for 10 bucks, but I couldn't get the hub off. I also went to a new yard that was a little further away, they had a few nice clean (by yard standards) EFs. No CRXs anywhere though. Can someone tell me how to get the hub adapter off the Sol? I took the big nut out of the middle, but I couldn't get it to move. It even has a Honda center horn button (found it in one of the rear containers. The seats were also in great condition, if anyone is interested I could go pull them.
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Post a pic of the wheel. It might be and ITR stock Momo wheel and those go for well over $200. I got one on my Rex and love it.
d0wnest is my boy lol, can't wait to get the vtec components
I haven't been to a junkyard in years. I really need to go again some time. All sorts of treasures can be found.
I don't have a camera at the moment (don't own one). Can you post a pic? The front has the momo logo etched into it and the back has "Made in Italy" and under it "5 - 85". It's got 3 spokes, at 3, 6 and 9, with leather thumbrests on the 3 and 9. Can someone tell me how to get the hub off? I unscrewed the nut on the Sol, but I couldn't pull it off (even tried prying it). I want to go get it after looking at prices online, got a new wheel I can't afford to use! Anybody have a hub lying around they might want to sell or trade?
Unfortunately, you DO have it loose....

You need to go to autozone or something, and get what is called a 'steering wheel puller' (catchy, eh? hehe)... basically, you bolt this hub thing to the adapter, and it has a big bolt that goes in the middle, and presses on the steering shaft, and pulls the wheel off. This is a fairly common thing for them to 'freeze' themselves to the steering shafts, especially with aftermarket hubs, which may not be -quite- exactly the same dimensions as oem.

BTW, thatm omo wheel.... does it have the Honda logo on it anywhere?

if so, you can just send that along with the a/c stuff, and let me know how much you want for it ;) hehe.
Yes it has a Honda centercap, with the horn wires. I tried google image search but I can't find the same one anywhere. It looks similar to the Monte Carlo and the Corse, but the bottom spoke is metal all the way down. It doesn't bulge above the side spokes. It's wrapped in stitched leather which maybe was white at one time but is now grey. The MOMO logo on the front isn't coloured, it's etched about 8mm tall. I know I really need to get a pic... I'm going to a friend's place I'll see if I can get a camera.
Thanks for the info John, I think we have a tool that will work at the shop. I could have pried it more, but I didn't know if I was doing it right and I didn't want to break anything.
you need a puller ya, i have a home made one, lol jerry riger, but if you bolt the wheel back onto the hub with the 19mm bolt off you might be able to slam the wheel back and forth to get it off, worked on the other 4 cars i have done steering wheels on, but ya i wanna see this damn thing it sounds sexy
Ok got the pictures of the wheel:

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I'm going back today with a puller to get the hub, but will it even work for the CRX? I have heard the EG/Del Slo hubs are different.
man thats a very old honda logo. My g/f's mom has a similar wheel in her nissan pickup.
Hell, I'd rock it. Not my first choice of steering wheels, but it's alot better than the stockie.

oLd SkO0L!
Yeah I'd like to know HOW old it is. It's very similar to the Monte Carlo, with the exception of the non-leather bottom spoke. It's 12"/300mm.
that would look sick on an old CVCC, stripped down with panasports
I say eBay it, and then post a link to it on the Red Pepper board... also, there is a CVCC-ish board out there for the 1st and 2nd Gen Civics that'd probably LOVE to have that on one of their cars.

Heck, i'd like to have it to, but its a bit too retro for my liking.
I'm starting to like it though... I want an aftermarket wheel anyway, so I'll at least try it when I get a hub.
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