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Just an Update.

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Well, I'm finally a free man after 3 months, it's been a week now. My mom sold my CRX while I was gone, my license is suspended and it was just sitting there, so its gone. I just figure since I got my job back, I can save up some money and by the time I get my license back I'll look around and see what I can find. Today I got my 2nd tattoo, its a Jusus portrait on my right forearm. I plan on doing a Heaven theme on my right arm, and a Hell theme on my left. Thats basically the update about me, I'll be back on the boards now. I know you guys missed me 8)

here's a pic of my new tattoo:
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It was actually only $200, really good price for the work. It's nice detail.
Good to have ya back.

Keep it wrinkled.
hey bud.... . . glad to see you back...... ill keep my eyes peeled for some cheap rex's... . I still have your old ones shell Zulued has first dibs on it as we are currently working a deal but if he falls through you can always get you r old car back...

good to hear from you .. .

Hey Aaron, long time no see! So, is the b16 ecu I sent gone along with the car?

Thanks for the welcome guys.

Chris- How much would you want? PM me. I miss that car like crazy, definately not the best condition shell, but its the sentimental value. Let me know.

Heu- No, I still have it. Hopefully I can put it to use in the future. Thanks again for that, your the man.
Aaron we can talk price... .but as far as i know it should be gone next weekend to a lucky member of this board.... . if not i still have it.... and the origional b18 engine.... and a good ls trans.... youd need axles and mounts and shift linkage.... i built a new 11:1 comp b18 with some nic3e porting for the red car and used all of your cars swap stuff to get it in there... . . just saving for a clutch.... . so... .the black car must go need cash. . ..

and way enough thread jacking. ..

glad to see ya back man.... .. . . .take care. . . . . .

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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