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Just an update

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Well I've been somewhat quiet on here lately. Just been looking here and there. So heres an update.

My H2B adapter should be here in a week or so I hope.
I've ordered a new front crossmember which should be here this week.
I sold my B16 finally. Guy at the local speed shop that is doing my p28 and uberdata directed someone my way about my motor for sale. After I took them for a ride and let them here vtec at 90mph they put $100 deposit down on the motor. I spent 3 hours last night in the cold taking it out then delivered it to him.

I ran into a problem. I couldnt find the right 12pt socket or box end wrench to get my flywheel off :cry: . Ended up giving him the stupid thing so I didnt jeapordize the sale. Got the other $700 and sold an old si bumper for $20.

Today I ordered an 8lb flywheel and a stage 2 clutch. Apparently the stock teg clutch can only hold around 210hp at the flywheel from what I was told today. JDM H22 is 200hp. then I have a DC header and 2.25 inch exhaust. By the time I get it tuned ill be over 210, so now I have a clutch that can handle it.

While the engine is out waiting for transplant I plan on doing more wire tucking. Once thats done Ill clean the bay up and maybe put some new black paint down, maybe not its kinda cold for that. I still need some new carpet, mine got very wet and is ruined. I picked up a pioneer premier cd player for $25 because the secondary screen isnt working. Just got the estimate in today. $130 to fix it and make it like new. Not bad for a cd player that still sells for $400+

Well my update is finished. Ill snap some pics of it along the way and when i get the h22 in.
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Noice! Sounds like quite the project.... but we need PICS! 8)

I've heard crazy things about these H22 CRXs.... pics!
h22 wow......... can you say straight line car
Definately some pics. I wanna see how that H2B adaptor works. Good luck with it man.
shadowcrx said:
h22 wow......... can you say straight line car
Man I'm getting so sick of this :lol: H22's have been weighed at 30-50lbs heavier than a GSR swap. Im using a B16 tranny and drive train. I belive the factory flywheel weighs in at around 35-40 lbs. Just saying 35lbs im losing 27 lbs just in the flywheel. Then another 10.8 lbs from sound deadening I've removed. 37.8 lbs. So I'm back down to the B16 swap weight.

Basically the H2B adapter keeps the B16 tranny in its original location there for keeping the H22 in proper location for straight axles. If I make it to N12 everyone's welcome to come take a ride in it and see how much of a straight line car it is :wink:
If you removed all the sound deadening in the cabin, that 28 pounds. A friend of mine did it with his CRX and it came out pretty complete, it was 28.1 pounds.
If you can put that sorta power to the ground you're looking at 12 sec time slips easy with low 4 sec 0-60 mph

Man if I didn't love bowhunting so much and wasn't so broke, partially because of it, I'd race ya to the swap finish line.
I'm all antsy waiting on parts to come in, and guess what. They are calling for snow this weekend :evil: I was gonna use this weekend to clean the engine bay up. Maybe I can sit under the car in the engine bay and keep the hood closed :wink: :lol:
sorry man i didn't mean to piss you off lol :p

just what i have heard is that the suspension on the rexs can't take it or something like that
nah its cool. Its just everyone says that because thats what they read on HT.
The factory suspension can handle it to a point, although I do plan on changing it out. Too bad for me though somthing non car related came up and I cant do it until sell my hood.

Im not mad at ya, just think of this as a learning experiance :wink:
How much are you looking to get for your hood? And do you know how much weight it takes off over stock?
i was looking to get $350 for it. Im not sure about weight, but it is a considerable difference. I can install or remove the cf by myself easily. the stock one is too heavy to hold. I have also carried the hood in one hand and a 60lb tool box in the other at one time. I'll try to weigh it when i get a chance.
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