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dohcrxl said:
dohcya said:
have any times on the setup yet?
According to my homemade calculations, he is capable of a 13.813 quarter mile and a 5.372 0-60 mph. Not too bad.

Hey crxsitogo, when you're ready for a trip to Great Lakes drop me a PM. Or if you prefer the G-tech I know the perfect "absolutely in nobody's way" place. Shhhhh :wink:
You've sparked my interest man, what methods are you using for your calculations. You seem pretty confident that they are accurate and I think that it would be a valuable tool for anyone that 1. wants to get a good idea about their setup and 2. just have some fun with some numbers. =P
Sounds like some good stuff =P
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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