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Just testing the waters for Ingalls.

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Hiya guys, As some of you guys know John has a great deal for the ingalls stuff...anybody from this website gets a 10% discount (you are aware of that right??)

But I wanted to do more than that. The Balljoints that ingalls puts out are of the finest of quility bar none. And I am very proud to sell them..and now we can give you a better deal than just the coupon.

Ok here is the deal...I need to know if you guys think I could get at least 10 buyers in for a set of balljoints #35591 which is the +1.5° to +3° Adjustment for the CRX and Civic. If I can get at least 10, ComposiMo said I can let them go for $120. USD for the set. A truly fantastic deal. This is cheaper than you can get them anywhere...we dont even sell these this cheap on Ebay.

So what you think?? Think I can get 10? If so let me know..I will start a group buy thread and get this thing going for you guys. :)


of course they also fit these..and be aware of the disclaimer.
* 1996-97 Acura 2.2 CL
* 1998-99 Acura 2.3 CL
* 1995-98 Acura 2.5 TL
* 1996-99 Acura 3.0 CL
* 2001-04 Acura 3.2 CL
* 1999-04 Acura 3.2 TL
* 2004+ Acura TSX [ALL]
* 1998-05 Honda Accord [ALL]
* *1988-89 Honda Civic [ALL] *Disclaimer: OEM control arm exists as one solid piece WITH the original ball joint attached. These two parts are not separable, therefore installation of a new ball joint will require the use of 1990-91 Civic/CRX front upper control arms or equivalent.
* *1988-89 Honda CRX [ALL] *Disclaimer: OEM control arm exists as one solid piece WITH the original ball joint attached. These two parts are not separable, therefore installation of a new ball joint will require the use of 1990-91 Civic/CRX front upper control arms or equivalent.
* 1990-91 Honda Civic [ALL]
* 1990-91 Honda CRX [ALL]
* 1995-98 Honda Odyssey [ALL]
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I'd go for it but I already have a set of SPC balljoints.
And how much were they?
interested, but without working in a few months (I'm a landscaper and student in NY), I just don't have funding... I'm working on a new job, so maybe I'll be in in a month or so
jfrolang said:
about 80 I think.
like each right...most of the sets I see online are about 160. even though we arnt making much money on these at all...I figure this was a hell of a deal for 120.

although if you got he set for 80, then you got a hookup or somthing...due tell.
I got them on ebay about a year ago, from a guy who bought them and subsequently wrecked his CRX. he sold them at a loss.
Jonny, this may be a stoopid question, but I guess this is just to fix the front, right? What about the back....use the old washer and long bolt method?
That would be correct...and actually ingalls sells those as well. But since most folks just throw a few washers under thier bolts then whats the point in including a full Front/rear kit on the crx.
damn that was good..haha
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Station :twisted:

And to expand a bit more:

Jfro: Thats comparing apples to oranges though... buying used from a third party is not the same as buying brand new. Getting them for $80 from a private party isn't bad at all... but $120 is a HELL of a deal ;)

brx: These cover the front, but you can do one of two things in the rear... either use the washer bolt trick, which Ingalls has a product to do this.. (and before a bunch of people jump down my neck and say that they can get the same stuff at a Hardware store or something, that is fine and dandy for you... These are pretty inexpensive themselves as well, but with these at least they are made for vehicles with the proper heat treat and coating (VERY IMPORTANT so that they don't rust out or anything).

Anyhoo, the second option is a forged upper link that replaces the stock upper suspension arm. This is actually the BEST method, because the links are forged and way stronger even than stock. And you can of course get them with polyurethane inserts instead of rubber. The K-RX we just got done with got front balljoints and the forged link in the rear.

If you want rear bolts or links also, just take part in the GB that JonnyB is doing, and we'll be sure to try to hook you up accordingly as well with the rear joints if you need them ;)
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You're damn right it's a hell of a deal John, that's why I said I'd be in if I didn't already have a set :)
I'd do it, but I still have the stock springs/shocks. Killer deal!
ComposiMo said:
We can fix that to Tom ;)
Seriously? Can you get me in to a set of Eibach's Pro-Kit and Tokico Illuminas?
Could you get a deal on their generic/universal engine damper, "The Stiffy"? Currently, they do not make mounts for them for the CRX, but my brother-in-law is a master welder/fabricator and will make me a set of mounts once I get ahold of one of these. Same principle as the cycle handlebar damper that you see on the crotch rockets.

Ingalls - "The Stiffy" - Universal - Engine Torque Damper
"The Stiffy™" Universal Engine Torque Damper w/o Brackets (93130) Features: High durometer elastomer for consistent control One piece, 6061-T6 aluminum body Solid one piece rod Hardened steel...
Retail: $306.05
Your Price: $149.95 ... type=store

Now I am seeing that these are on their E-Bay site for $136 + $6 s/h - pretty good deal there as opposed to J.C. Whitney's advertised $159 + s/h

If, and when, I can get this item & mounts fabbed up - I'll see how much interest there is on getting some mounts made for others in here - if anyone is interested. Already have the front fender braces from - they are now $250 a set . . . . check'em out.
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Sure can Tom... Not the cheapest price in the bushel necessarily, but we can get em to you!

4007.140 Eibach Pro-Kit

BU2797, BU2798, BU2847 (x2) Tokico Illumina Shocks

Call us if ya want em :) 866.TURBO.HP

Check PM for pricing


zookr: Call us and talk to either JonnyB or Dale 866.TURBO.HP We do sell the universal one that you can make your own brackets for...
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now what exactly do these ball joints do to improve the stock set up?
The balljoints allow camber adjustability without altering your stock bushings. Also, if you have a car that is lowered pretty decent, and needs a good bit of adjustment, the balljoints allow you to get the adjustment you need without the upper control arm hitting the frame of the car (which will happen with the adjustable arm mounts if you have to go too far on the 88-91 CRX/Civic platform... just not enough room under the fender well for much adjustment with the control arm mounts.
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