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Could you get a deal on their generic/universal engine damper, "The Stiffy"? Currently, they do not make mounts for them for the CRX, but my brother-in-law is a master welder/fabricator and will make me a set of mounts once I get ahold of one of these. Same principle as the cycle handlebar damper that you see on the crotch rockets.

Ingalls - "The Stiffy" - Universal - Engine Torque Damper
"The Stiffy™" Universal Engine Torque Damper w/o Brackets (93130) Features: High durometer elastomer for consistent control One piece, 6061-T6 aluminum body Solid one piece rod Hardened steel...
Retail: $306.05
Your Price: $149.95 ... type=store

Now I am seeing that these are on their E-Bay site for $136 + $6 s/h - pretty good deal there as opposed to J.C. Whitney's advertised $159 + s/h

If, and when, I can get this item & mounts fabbed up - I'll see how much interest there is on getting some mounts made for others in here - if anyone is interested. Already have the front fender braces from - they are now $250 a set . . . . check'em out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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