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This is near me. Anyone on the forum? I may look them up and go to their court date.

Six men arrested for stripping parts from stolen car
Fort Worth Star Telegram

The first deputy on scene saw the six men dismantling a red 1991 Honda CRX. He called for backup units and ordered the suspects to get on the ground, Fowler said.

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The sad thing is they may do a little time, but they will be right back out on the streets doing it again.
SETI20 said:
Oh dude...get BIGGER pictures and post them on every known car forum known to man
The pictures are from the news website and that's the only size they had. :(

After they are convicted, maybe I should post their pictures!
I know right where they live. :twisted:

When's their court date? Would it be in Fort Worth (where they stole the vehicle) or Parker County (where they were caught)?
Ah the wonderful drebs of society. I hope what goes around comes around for those guys...

Thanks for the post Mark!
...and thats why my baby stays locked in an alarmed garage. :shock:

Stupid thieves I hope that wonderful deed they did goes repaid back at em 10 fold. :evil:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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