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Horsepower is never cheap.
D series aftermarket is not what it was 10 years ago. Neither is B series mods but there is still a lot of stuff out there.
It all depends of how much $$ you'd be realistically willing to spend in the search of more HP.

I.m.o a turbo set up will give the best bang for your buck. Considering that you will need to go obd1 anyways and will need to have it tuned as well.
Im finishing a y8 swap which has taken me wayyy to long.
I got tired of pushing the car in and out the garage everytime I need to work on my car or a home project.

If all goes well I'll go from a smoking bad ashh 92 bhp D15B2 to a D16y8 with 128 bhp. but seriously literally it smoked like a hibachi, I mean it was smoking, knoking , pinging, leaking oil from all over... 😂😂.

Besides the head gasket blew up.
after crunching some #s a newer and stronger engine was the obvious decision in my case.

I'm a bit old to be making my car any faster than that.
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