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Lending a helping hand.

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So I am enjoying the cool weather with a cigar and my laptop on the porch of my country home when I see a woman walking down the road. I wave. She waves and says "How're you doin?" I say "Great. How are you?" She says "Lousy, my car broke down."

I ask if I can call someone and she says no but asks if she can have a ride down the road to her house (about 4 miles). From a distance she looks well-kept and normal, so I figure I should do a good deed.

However, as she gets closer I find out she looks more like a meth addict... about halfway between these before and after pics:

Well, crap. I go ahead and take her to her dilapidated trailer. Along the way she is telling me how their electricity got cut off, her son is in jail, etc. I can't drive fast enough to get there and am hoping she doesn't pull out a knife or something.

I dropped her off safely and all in all she was a decent person. But it did give me an appreciation for my life despite being broke and worried.
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Hey, Aunt Suzie... j/k

I really need to stop posting to anything and everything. To much sugar... can't stop... send help... *crash*...
I am the same way today. I need to hop back in the car and hit the road.
Dude, you did a good deed.
Good for ya.

Goddang crank is soo addictive, I really feel sorry for folks that cant put it down.

My brother had a real tough time getting off it.

Oh, now turn your cub scout badge right side up. lol
dude...I hate to bring it to you like this, but no good deed goes unpunished.

If you get busted in a dope or prostitution raid your life is over.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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