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Lets get nostalgic... (lots o pics!)

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Inspiration is fun. Nostalgia allows us to look back to see where we are moving forward..

Most everyone out there has a picture of a car that they saw when they first got into CRX's that made them -really- want to modify their own car to look like it. Maybe it is a pic that you found a long time ago that makes you laugh, that you look at on occasion... What is that image for you? For me, it is a series of images, not just one in particular. I've collected images over the last 6-7 years that have helped define visions, and see what i want in a car of my own. Also, they allow me to look at idea's for future projects. Also, i have pics that just make me laugh, and are fun to look at :)

Some of these you've probably seen, others you may not have...

So, what sort of pics do you have stashed away that you look at on occasion to stimulate your mind, have a chuckle with, or plan the future of your CRX? 8)
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These are mine. The well-known Wing's West pics:

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Nice idea john,
I was laughing over some of those pics.I remember a few of them.

Anyhow heres a few inspirations for me.

This ones for my EF...

Ahh yes dreams my good man. :D
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There are alot of pics that have steered me in the years ive owned my car. I always come back to this one though. Ive been thinking of doing the SiR front end and getting the VIS mugen front bumper to finish it out.

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Hey! Those are my decals on that black Civic hatchback! LOL! Cool! 8)
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