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Lets see the history of your CRX's (Me first)

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Well I was looking through alot of my old crx pics and I decided to compile a few that show all the different stages and different crx I have gone though from my first till the one I have now. (dont mind the run on sentence)

My very first crx an 89 Si with 89K miles. picked up for 3k.

Then it got hit by a 4Runner and was totaled by the insurance company.

I drove it until it threw a rod.

At this point I took the insurance money $3500 and found a B18C5 for $1k at a friend scrap yard. I was planning on buying another shell and swapping it but stuff came up so I sold the C5 and picked up another friends 91 Si for $1500 with B16, it needed a tranny and front end parts. So I swapped some parts from the 89.

I got sick of the red/blk so I spraypainted the front black.

A little while later I found a theft recovery 90 si with ZC swap for $300 so I picked it up with the intent on parting it out. So i took what I needed and sold the rest.

I finally got some non spraypainted front parts and a matching front and rear bumpers. Until I smacked the front of the car up on the way up to N9.

So it was back to a spraypainted front for me.

Among my crx's I also had an EK project. It was my sisters car but I told her what to buy and I got to drive the slowEk whenevr my crx was outta commision.

I drove this car around for a while untill I came acrosse this crx for $1k.. lets just say I made out like a bandit on this deal.

It went from a rust covered bondo infested 2 tone painted piece of junk

to this

I hope yo uenjoyed the tour of my CRX life now lets see yours.

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Nice finished product, James! I love the color.
Hopefully I'll have a story to share later this year, I'm currently looking for a nice second gen. rex. Later man.
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